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You Know Who You Are


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Based out of Arlington, Texas, September Moon is a lively five-piece vocal harmony-centered band whose sound seems to defy a single genre. Their music creatively blends country, folk, rock, and Americana into one unique sound that is connecting with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. As a band, the members of September Moon pride themselves in delivering very high energy shows and impressing audiences with their tight three-part harmonies, alternating lead vocals, and catchy melodies. They released their first single “Abilene” in June 2019 which reached #42 on the Texas Country Charts. This year their second release, “You Know Who You Are,” has cracked the top 50 and is still on the rise.

September Moon is the creation of husband and wife Daniel and Katherine Brown who began the project as an acoustic duo in 2015. Since then, they have expanded to a full band with the addition of PJ West, Will Shotwell, and Marcus Mirelez which helped take their original songs in a new and exciting direction. As a group, September Moon has a sound all their own and you will never leave a show disappointed.


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